Our chief technician has over 25 years of steam cleaning experience. All service providers have been trained in use of chemicals and equipment by our chief technician and are competent to offer high quality stem cleaning services.

Our equipment

We only use state of the art USA made steam cleaning and hot water extraction equipment to guarantee our clients best possible outcomes. 

We offer both hot water extraction and steam cleaning services. Our clients are guaranteed best outcomes when those methods are used in conjunction by our steam cleaning experts.

Our chemicals

When possible, we are happy to offer chemical free steam cleaning services and use power of our steam cleaning equipment to generate desired outcomes for our clients.

However in many instances we have to treat heavily soiled and dirty surfaces. On those occasions we will firstly treat subject surfaces with best chemicals available and only then use our steam cleaning equipment to treat dirty surfaces.  We only use best available chemicals to make sure our clients are satisfied and we achieve best possible outcomes from treatments we perform.


Given we had successfully completed thousands of steam cleaning jobs over the years, we had accumulated dozens of video and written testimonials from numerous happy clients.

Value for money

Our business philosophy is to offer high quality steam cleaning services Melbourne wide at the best value for money rate.

If all you are looking for is someone who will attempt to complete steam cleaning for you at the cheapest possible price, you most definitely will not pick our services.

The main principle of our business model is auto achieve best possible outcome for our clients every single time. To do so we invested a fortune into our equipment, into our chemicals and we had created processes and procedures which guarantees best results for our clients.

As a result we simply can not match the cheapest quote some may find from a unreliable inexperienced operators offering their services online.

Please note we also are not the most expensive quote you will be able to locate.

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