Melbourne Cleaners offer professional steam cleaning for your cars’ seats, boot, floor coverings and ceilings.

We use a combination of hot water extraction and high pressure steam cleaning methods when we treat your car to achieve best possible outcome for our clients every single time.

We are experts in treating car interior affected by following issues:

  • Odour removal 
  • Food and drink spillages
  • Infant/baby/toddler accidents (vomit, body fluids, etc)
  • Pets (vomit, body fluids, hair, etc)
  • General aging, wear and tear
  • and many many more


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Why Chose Our Steam Cleaning Services

There are many reasons why you may chose our steam cleaning services. Some of those are:

  • Above all, our experience. With over 25 years of steam cleaning experience, be rest assured, your car is in a good hands.
  • Our equipment. We use highest quality USA built steam cleaning equipment to guarantee best possible outcome for our clients.
  • Additionally, our chemicals. We use only highest quality available Australian manufactured chemicals to  guarantee best possible outcome for our clients.
  • Another key point is our service. We offer our clients best quality service whether we come to you or you come to us.
  • Finally, value for money. We believe our car steam cleaning service is best value for money you can find in Melbourne Metro Region.

Services Description

Spot Vacuum
Steam Clean Seats Steam Clean Floors Steam Clean inside boot
All basic plus:
Detailed Vacuum Spot treat stains
Regular Plus:
Apply scotch guard to seats and carpets
Steam clean ceiling

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Car Steam Cleaning

Firstly please be advised we are not car detailers. We will not be cleaning your dashboard and steering wheel and we will not be cleaning your tyres. We focus on professionally steam cleaning carpeted and cloth areas of your car. Such as seats, floors, ceiling, boot, mats.
Simply put, we only focus on steam cleaning using highest quality available equipment and best available chemicals. Your regular car detailer will be cleaning your entire car and will normally use very basic carpet shampooer to clean your seats. Our equipment is superior in quality and as such produces superior outcomes
We service Melbourne Metro Region.
We offer both. We can either treat your car in your preferred location or you can visit us in Dandenong. Please note, we can offer lower fees if you decide to have your car treated in our location.
Answer depends on many factors, such as size of your car and more importantly its condition. As a rule of thumb. please allow at least 1.5 hours to have your car professionally steam cleaned.
Yes you can. Alternatively if you decide to have your car treated at our location, we can drop you off to local shopping centre and pick you up once we had completed the treatment.
Generally Yes. Provided car is in a fair condition and as described prior to appointment. Extra fees will apply for heavily soiled upholstery and when pet hair needs extracting.
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