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The Benefits of leather couch cleaning more often


When you make a leather purchase of any kind, it’s almost always for one reason – quality. Therefore, when investing in a leather couch, you want it to remain in good condition for as long as possible. For that to happen, you’ll need to look after it. There are a lot of ways to keep it in good condition. For example, don’t sit on your sofa and it won’t show signs of wear. But that’s not exactly practical. The second best way to maintain the look and quality of a leather sofa is to keep it clean with regular maintenance.

Why should you invest in a professional leather couch cleaning?

A leather sofa will make any house or room more elegant. When looked after, leather couches look great, they are comfortable and they make the place feel more comfortable. Cleaning and maintaining them is not always as easy as you might first think. Simply wiping them down with a wet cloth is not going to work. More effort is required to make your leather sofa look like new.

Using a harsh cleaner isn’t a good idea either. There are lots of options on the market and it can be hard to know which option is legitimate. Even ammonia-based cleaners are dangerous, and bleach is not right either.

Isn’t leather durable?

Leather is extremely durable, but it’s also porous. That’s why it’s extremely important to only use special leather cleaners and to avoid cheap alternatives.

What is the difference between cleaning and conditioning?

There is a difference. Cleaning a sofa involves a brush or vacuum and getting rid of dirt particles first, and then mixing leather cleaner with water and wiping the sofa with a microfibre cloth.

There are a number of “recipes” used for conditioning leather, but the idea is that instead of just being clean, after conditioning, leather is maintained and even slightly restored. Any wear following the conditioning will take less of a toll on the leather.

What other benefits are there to cleaning your sofa?

If cleaned regularly and properly, your leather shouldn’t crack or discolour. Chances are you paid a lot for your leather sofa so you’ll want it to last as long as possible.

How often does it need to be cleaned?

That depends on the sofa and what has happened to it. Mildew on it, it needs cleaning as soon as possible. If there are stains from a permanent marker, you need to get it out as soon as you can. Alternatively if nothing particular has damaged your sofa, it should still be cleaned regularly, every two weeks or so, or dusted and wiped once a week at the very least.

Other tips include fluffing your leather cushions regularly so they don’t get wrinkled and attending to any spills immediately. If you’re not sure or you feel like it’s just too much work, it’s possible to get a professional to come in and do a good job of cleaning and conditioning your leather.

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