Oven cleaning, & cleaning of rangehoods and cooktops are some of the most difficult, time consuming and unpleasant jobs around the house.

Our experienced cleaners will make your oven/rangehood/cooktop look like new again so you can enjoy using your appliances once again.

Professional oven cleaning is still to this day an emerging service. Some people still do not know that it is available. And even if they do, they often do not know much about it or do not believe that it is necessary.


So why should you have your oven clean by a professional from Melbourne Cleaners?

It’s easier 

It only takes few minutes of your time to organise your oven cleaning appointment with 1 of our professional cleaners. Our experienced oven cleaners have professional equipment from the solution to the scrapers.

It’s Quicker

 A typical DIY oven clean be it natural oven cleaner or supermarket bought oven chemicals, normally requires an overnight dwell time, professional oven cleaning although less harmful chemicals can normally be completed within 1-2hrs.

It’s a deeper clean 

Shop bought and homemade oven cleaners normally only clean grease and light buildup but what about carbon? A professional will be able to remove everything, grease, carbon etc. bringing your cooker to a showroom shine.

You will get a better result 

A true professional clean will give you a better result. Our professional cleaners clean ovens on a regular basis. So naturally they will be able to achieve a superior outcome for you.

It can prolong the life of your oven 

If oven has not been cleaned on a regular basis, grease, grime and dirt can cause blockages around the fan and other parts of the oven.  Those blockages could negatively affect life spam of your oven.

No Harmful Chemicals or choking smells 

Our professional cleaners use only non-toxic, odour free solutions to clean your oven

It will stop smoking you out

When you oven starts to smoke it is generally just dirty.  Especially when the grill element is in the same compartment, oils and fats splash up on to the element, then when you turn that in it burns.

No bond deductions

If you are renting, it is your responsibility to clean the oven when you are vacating the property.

60cm Wide Oven
from $90
Up to 1.5 hours of labour included
Extra fees apply to jobs which take over 1.5 hours
70cm Wide Oven
from $110
Up to 2 hours of labour included
Extra fees apply to jobs which take over 2 hours
90cm Wide Oven
from $130
Up to 2.5 hours labour included
Extra fees apply to jobs which take over 2.5 hours

Terms & Conditions

  • GST applies to all our services
  • For ovens in fair condition
  • Trays & racks included
  • Melbourne Metro Region Only (25km radius from CBD). Travel charges apply to appointments outside of 25km radius from Melbourne CBD
  • Free parking must be made available for our team. Parking fees will apply to jobs where free parking is not available
  • Minimum fees apply to all our services
  •  Visit Our Terms & Conditions Page for further details
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