Due to worsening COVID-19 situation, Melbourne Cleaners had designed a unique approach to the virus disinfection cleaning for both residential and commercial premises. We provide emergency service throughout Melbourne Metro Region & surrounds 24/7.

About the virus

A virus is a small infectious organism. It is much smaller than a fungus or bacterium and it must invade a living cell to replicate/reproduce. The virus attaches to the host cell, enters it, and releases its DNA inside the cell. The virus’s DNA is the genetic material containing the information needed to make copies of (replicate) the virus. The virus’s genetic material takes control of the cell and forces it to replicate the virus. The infected cell usually dies because the virus keeps it from performing its normal functions. When it dies, the cell releases new viruses, which go on to infect other cells.


The cleaning and disinfection of germs, viruses and bacteria should be performed ONLY by experienced and trained professionals.   Melbourne Cleaners assembled the team of highly trained and experienced technicians that understand the risks involved in the cleanup and disinfection of infectious germs, viruses and bacteria including COVID-19.  We have the proper equipment, PPE, disinfectants and training to safely and effectively clean and disinfect areas affected by viral and bacterial contamination.  We can provide expert cleaning and disinfection methods in homes, office buildings, any type of transportation vehicle, gymnasiums, schools, medical building and any affected area and environment. 

Contact Melbourne Cleaners for a CONFIDENTIAL FREE OF CHARGE 30 MINUTES ONLINE CONSULTATION .  During this no obligation free consultation  we will answer any questions you might have and will explain in details our unique approach to the virus disinfection cleaning.  We are available 24/7. Call Melbourne Cleaners on 0452530205 or email us info@melbournecleaners.net.au to discuss your disinfection requirements.  Alternatively SMS “Disinfect” to 0452530205. We are here to help.

We Are Experts in Disinfection

Melbourne Cleaners developed the exclusive disinfection process which includes utilising high quality equipment and technology as well as an old fashioned elbow grease.

We offer FREE 30 MINUTES CONFIDENTIAL ONLINE CONSULTATIONS. We will explain in details our exclusive approach to virus disinfection cleaning and provide you with reasons why you should chose Melbourne Cleaners to assist you with your detailed disinfection cleaning.

Here is just a few reasons why you should get in touch with us if you require detailed disinfection cleaning during COVID-19 Coronavirus outbreak:

  • We treat virus affected air as well as virus affected surfaces. Virus particles are present in the air as well as on affected surfaces. Therefore the disinfection process can not be complete before this issue is addressed.  Melbourne Cleaners utilise latest and most advanced methods to kill virus and bacteria in the air as well as on the surfaces. This video explain the necessity of air treatment during the virus outbreak.
  • We use strongest available hospital grade disinfection chemicals to completely fumigate virus affected premises.
  •  We also use the most advanced currently available USA manufactured high powered industrial steamer which generates steam at 196° Celcius to further treat viruses and bacteria on ALL SURFACES.
  • After above mentioned steps are taken, our cleaners complete detailed surface cleaning using strongest available anti bacteria chemicals to further treat any possible virus sources.
  • Optionally we can offer various other services including carpet cleaning, external cleaning, etc.


Our disinfection cleaning process is complex and comprehensive. Therefore  you can be rest assured your home/business will be germ and virus free once it is completed.

Get in touch with Melbourne Cleaners if your home/office or any other premises require  virus outbreak protection cleaning.


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