High Pressure Steam Cleaning 

High pressure steam cleaning is by far the most effective chemical free method to clean any surface.

Melbourne Cleaners always look for ways to stay ahead of our competition and thus we always look  for ways to  improve the range of our services. As a result, Melbourne Cleaners invested in top of the range commercial high pressure steam cleaner.

Our steam cleaner uses the power of steam to clean any surface of your home and/or business. This machine generates up to 180 PSI of pressure and produces steam up to 196ÂșC. Our high pressure steam cleaner is by far  the  most powerful machine currently available in Australia of its kind.

That means we can efficiently and effectively clean  any dirty surface inside any home and/or business.


Because of that our high pressure steamer is ideal for cleaning areas large and small in many industries including hospitals, hotels/motels, manufacturing companies, food processing plants, bakeries, restaurants, wineries and auto detailing shops, just to name a few. It is able to clean, disinfect, deodorize and sanitise anything where water can not and should not be used. Some examples are conveyor belts, inside ovens, industrial coolers, refrigerators, hard to reach surfaces, barrels and many others. Some other uses for our machine are floors, tile, grout, cleaning stainless steel, dining areas, hotel lobbies, carpeting, seats, dashboards, killing bed bugs, and dust mites in mattresses and other areas, wheelchairs, and exam rooms in hospitals and nursing homes.

Clients who will benefit from our high pressure steam cleaning services are:

  • Commercial kitchens/ restaurants
  • Medical/Vet services including GP clinics and specialist services
  • Residential clients with specific needs (during pregnancy, allergies affected)
  • Need cleaning in difficult to reach areas
  • Fitness centres and gymnasiums
  • Need cleaning in large areas to high quality and when time is of the essence
  • Need to deal with build up of grease, grime, dirt
  • And many more


Please check some of current uses of our new high pressure cleaner.

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