Getting your commercial cleaning done right is extremely important for an overall success of your business. Grimy coffee cups in the sink. A ring around the toilet. A carpet scattered with debris and lint. Desks piled high with papers and rubbish. Does any of this sound like your office?

No matter what industry you work in, you are probably all too familiar with the trials and tribulations of keeping your office clean and tidy. A room packed full of people sharing a space solely because they work together can have the tendency to be a bit grotty!

If you consider changing cleaners or hiring a new cleaner for your office, these reasons will convince you that employing a professional cleaner is a fantastic idea.


Hiring cleaning help will increase workplace harmony 

When employees are expected to clean up after one another, morale can sink to an all time low and low level. Having a cleaner to keep your space clean will help to minimise conflict and keep things sparkling. Some studies show that a clean office space can increase productivity and boost sales. This is certainly something worth trying.

Office disinfection

Melbourne Cleaners offer wide range of disinfection services for commercial and residential clients. Our germicidal services vary pending your requirements. But we definitely have the equipment, the experience and the knowledge to keep your workplace germs free. Melbourne Cleaners offer one off and ongoing disinfection services.

Germicidal Services – More Details

A cleaner will decrease allergens and respiratory hazards

An office building can easily become a massive hazard for allergies and illness when left unattended.  An untrained eye can easily miss the myriad places dust can hide. Cleaners are skilled at finding and eradicating dust, no matter where it is hiding, helping to keep everyone’s allergies under control.

They will keep things looking professional

Even if you do not normally host clients in your office, your working space should look professional and attractive at all times. After all, your working environment sends a message to your employees, your suppliers and especially to yourself. By keeping things spotless your office space will exude the same care, attention to detail and competence that you want your enterprise to embody.

They can help you keep your supplies well stocked

Do you find that your office hygiene supplies often run out without you noticing? A professional cleaning service can help you to ensure that your paper products, loo roll and other sanitation supplies are fully stocked. You’ll never have to worry about running out of kitchen roll or cleaning solutions again. Melbourne Cleaners can provide you with this service as a part of ongoing cleaning package.

A well cleaned office will help reduce sick days

You don’t want your office’s dust and grime to make your staff sick. But that is exactly what it could be doing. By keeping your office clean and hygienic, you can help to ensure your staff is healthier. When your employees are sick less often, this will result in fewer sick days and ultimately in higher profits for your business.

Whether you decide to hire a cleaner to come in once a day, once a week or even once a month, keeping your work space clean and tidy just makes good business sense.

Melbourne Cleaners can also assist you with your other office cleaning needs such as carpet & upholstery steam cleaning, window cleaning and much more. 

Business Hours
from $50 ph
To be completed during regular business hours
After Hours
from $55 ph
To be completed outside of regular business hours










Terms & Conditions

  • GST applies to all our services
  • Per hour per cleaner basis
  • Clients to provide all consumables
  • Minimum 2 hours per session
  • Melbourne Metro Region Only (25km radius from CBD). Travel charges apply to appointments outside of 25km radius from Melbourne CBD
  • Free parking must be made available for our team. Parking fees will apply to jobs where free parking is not available
  • Minimum fees apply to all our services
  •  Visit Our Terms & Conditions Page for further details

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