Melbourne cleaners are experts in  deck cleaning. We clean pergolas, decks, verandas and more. Our cleaners can also apply high quality decking oil to keep your external flooring in excellent condition.


We pride ourselves on our abilities to renew concrete patios and driveways.  But we’re also experts at taking on worn-out, beat-up wooden decks and transforming them back into stylish home additions once again. Therefore you won’t have to feel embarrassed about your deck after our professional cleaners finished cleaning your deck.

Deck Basics

Without proper care, wood wears down. Sunlight robs it of its colour; rain and wind wear it out and leave it looking tired and undesirable. Insects and mildew attack it. Having a power washer spray it down runs the huge risk of damaging timber and costing a bundle. We are not looking to make a quick buck on the weekends by doing haphazard patio and deck cleaning and staining. We are professionals, and taking delicate care of your wood surfaces.

How We Clean

Most importantly using a specialised chemicals, we coat deck surfaces and allow to lift dirt and other debris from the wood. This specially-formulated solution also loosens weak wood fibres from the top layer of your deck. Next, the solution is gently washed away, taking dirt particles and the old, beat-up gray wood fibres with it. What’s left behind is clean, strong wood that was hidden away.

Because your deck looks great right now, we have to protect it from the UV rays and weathering effects that will come. That’s why we round our process of deck cleaning and staining out by treating the whole deck with high quality decking oil. This keeps dirt and stains out of the wood. Try as they might, they aren’t getting past our sealant, which also makes the wood rich and attractive-looking, in addition to extending its life. Now, your deck is UV and water resistant.


When it comes to deck cleaning and staining, Melbourne Cleaners is about zero fuss for you and total renewal for your deck. Our expert cleaners will transform your deck from a beast to a beauty.

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