GB’s Melbourne Cleaners are exclusive distributor of USA built high powered steam cleaning machine. Our machine is the most powerful and most advanced of its category generating up to 180PSI of power and 193 degrees Celsius of dry steam.

Industrial 400 is designed to clean, degrease and sanitise large areas more quickly and more efficiently than any other machine in its category while producing longer and more sustained steam temperatures and pressure.

Industrial 400 is constructed with an all-stainless steel heavy duty body, 5.7L boiler, 7.6L reserve tank and 2,500Watt heating element.

Industrial 400 is extremely portable. It comes equipped with heavy duty 25cm rubber wheels and removable handle with staircase climber attachment which makes it for even better manoeuvrability.

Machine Technical Features:

Weight: 36kg with handle

97% up to 193 degrees Celsius Dry Vapour to clean, degrease, sanitise, disinfect and deodorise any surface

Dimensions in cm: 41x41x41

Max steam temperature 193 degrees Celcius

Max pressure 180PSI/10.6 bar

5.7L Stainless steel boiler

7.6L Stainless steel reserve tank

Electrical: 240VAC, 9Amps (suitable to use with any basic power point without loss of power)

Low water alarm signals low water level with audible alarm

Temperature controller with high cut off

Steam pressure controller with high pressure limit switch

High pressure relief valve

In-line pump filter

Stainless steel hose

Numerous attachments and accessories included with each machine

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