Industrial 400

We are a proud Australian distributor of this steam cleaning machine.

Industrial 400 is USA manufactured and extremely easy to use. Just pour water into stainless steel reserve tank, plug into power point and within minutes the machine will be ready to deliver the most powerful cleaning pressures and temperatures in the industry today of 180 PSI/10.6 bar (pressure) and 193 degrees Celsius temperature.

Industrial 400 is ideal for sanitising and degreasing areas where water should or can not be used. For example, kitchen ovens, floor tiles, refrigerators, dining, carpeted and seating areas, for auto detailers to clean seats, carpets and dashboards, for nursing homes to sanitise mattresses (killing dust mites), wheel chairs, etc.


  • 97% Dry vapour to clean, degrease, sanitise, disinfect and deodorise
  • Maximum steam temperature 193 degrees Celcius
  • Maximum pressure 180 PSI/10.6 bar
  • 5.7L Stainless steel boiler and 7.6L stainless steel reserve tank
  • Electrical: 240V & 9Amp
  • Dimensions in cm: 41x41x41
  • Weight: 36kg with handle

Safety features

  • Low water alarm signals low water low water level with audible alarm
  • Temperature controller with a high cut off
  • High pressure limit switch
  • High pressure relief valve

Additional Features

  • In-line pump filter
  • Stainless Steel hose

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