Newest addition to our UV-C products range are high powered 150W UV-C germicidal lamps.

Protect Your Loved Ones with UV-C

Similar to all other UV-C products, 150W UV-C germicidal lamps are working perfectly with Australian power supply unlike many cheap similar looking products. Our lamps operate at wavelengths of 185nm and 254nm. Proven wave frequencies which kill 99.99% of all bacteria including Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Furthermore, numerous research sources around the world indicate that UV-C light is an extremely successful method to treat any type of bacteria including Coronavirus. Recently Chinese authorities used UV-C technology to sterilise numerous enclosed public areas after the virus outbreak.

Also custom rates could be offered for bulk purchases of this product. Email us or call us on 0452530205 to discuss your bacteria control requirements.

Benefits of UV-C

What are the benefits of UV-C technology?

Ultraviolet technology is a non-chemical approach to disinfection. In this method of disinfection, nothing is added. This process is simple, inexpensive and requires very low maintenance. Ultraviolet purifiers utilise germicidal lamps that are designed and calculated to produce a certain dosage of ultraviolet (usually at least 16,000 micro watt seconds per square centimetre but many units actually have a much higher dosage.) The principle of design is based on a product of time and intensity. You must have a certain amount of both for a successful design.

Here are just a few of the applications…

Drinking Water

  • under sink installs & water vending machines
  • aircraft, boats & recreational vehicles
  • water wells & water cisterns
  • swimming pool & hot tubs
  • farms, ranches & trailer parks
  • schools & hotels
  • aquarium, hatcheries and nurseries
  • ice making

Food Processing

  • brewery & winery
  • soft drinks, fruit drinks and juices
  • bottling facilities
  • dairy processing
  • liquid sugars, sweeteners and edible oils
  • water based lubricants
  • pure wash water


  • pharmaceutical production
  • laboratories, hospitals and clinics
  • maternity labor and delivery areas
  • pathology labs, kidney dialysis
  • animal husbandry


  • cosmetics and electronic production
  • pond & lake reclamation
  • laundry water
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